The iconic Italian brand MOMO DESIGN returns to the watch industry, but this time hand in hand with Montjuïc Watches. These limited editions take the Speed collection to a new dimension, where the purest Italian design and that incomparable sporty and racing style that so successfully captivated generations around the world, merge with the best components and high-end technology. These are the new and exclusive Montjuïc x MOMO Design watches.








MONTJUÏC X MOMO DESIGN watches are to Mercedes Benz what AMG is. They are meticulously crafted ‘supercharged’ watches made with the finest materials such as double-curved sapphire with anti-reflective treatment in violet tone on the inner face, carbon fiber, black PVD finished 316L stainless steel, or Superluminova BGW9-X1, and designed with the iconic Italian signature of MOMO DESIGN. They are themselves a symbol of exclusivity, not only due to their extremely limited production but also everything that comes with enjoying one.


The Montjuïc X MOMO DESIGN Urban Pilot, with a 43mm case, and the Urban Pilot PRO – Chrono version with a 45mm case, both embody the principle of “less is more.” They utilize the best possible components, combining technology and extreme quality in every detail. Moreover, the watches in this collection are meticulously assembled and crafted with care and passion, one by one, by expert watchmakers in our workshops.

These timepieces feature an elegant, sporty, and timeless pure black design, combined with carbon fiber and minimalist white details. On the bezel, there is a nod to the Italian brand with racing yellow accents: the legendary competition steering wheel centering ring that MOMO invented in the ’70s, among other innovations. This yellow detail is also reflected in the special seconds hand, which, thanks to its hybrid quartz and mechanical movement, offers smooth reading and fluid motion, evoking the elegance of an automatic mechanism.


The Montjuïc X MOMO Design watches use Mecaquartz technology, which not only recreates the beauty of automatic movement but also provides us with time precision of ±15 seconds per month, ensuring a battery life of approximately 3 years in the Urban Pilot model and 2 years in the Urban Pilot PRO chronograph model, both of which have an energy-saving function with a consumption of -70% if activated. Additionally, like all Montjuïc Speed watches, the MOMO Design watches come with a 5-year battery replacement and free revisions, with online registration available*

(*) Option available for now only in the Spanish local market. However, this option will be available worldwide starting in 2024.


The Montjuïc x MOMO Design watches feature the brand and limited edition inscription on the screw-down case back, as well as MOMO Design engraving on the butterfly buckle. It is also noteworthy that these watches are very comfortable on the wrist due to their lug and strap configuration and design, which feature a curvature that adapts perfectly to the wrist.


MOMODESIGN has been synonymous with excellence in design, Italian style, and innovation since its inception. The brand was born in Milan in 1981 as a design house of the MOMO group, with the attitude of designing unique design objects. In 1998, Marco Cattaneo acquired MOMODESIGN after the sale of the rest of the Group to a US company.

In 2000, a new era began for the brand, strongly rooted in its roots but at the same time contemporary and innovative, by continuing to develop historical products for the brand such as its watches, glasses, bags, and backpacks, male accessories par excellence, while venturing into the world of two wheels with a jet-type helmet inspired by helicopter pilots along with a clothing line.

Its success is based on a unique and coherent philosophy that has allowed it to create a strong identity, a recognizable style that is united with the concept of design, whose aesthetics endure over time regardless of the current trend. The commitment to innovation and safety issues remains a firm point of the strategy, and this constant search has allowed the creation of Aero, the new jet helmet of the future, which combines innovative design and high functionality, with which it won the Red Dot Award Product Designer in 2019 and the Compasso d’Oro ADI Award in 2020, the most prestigious recognition for Italian design..


In 1981, following MOMO’s international successes, a style center specializing in research and development of car interior design was born within the same company: MOMODESIGN. From the early years, the MOMODESIGN Style Center alternates research activity in the automotive sector with the development of projects in the lifestyle sector. Precisely, this technological DNA has led to the creation of a line of accessories for men made with innovative materials such as carbon fiber, titanium, and magnesium, which have represented the first identity of the brand and which have continued to be transmitted over time.


Marco Cattaneo, President of MOMODESIGN, passes on the company’s heritage to the second generation of the family, who has been able to evolve the vocation of the design house into a lifestyle brand with the daily commitment to seek innovative solutions related to safety and excellence of Made in Italy.

Paolo Cattaneo, today CEO of the company, leads the family business together with his sister Eleonora, respecting the heritage and sense of tradition of the brand. Paolo Cattaneo’s vision for the evolution of the brand is based on the simple and authentic concept of “urban standard”, that is, transforming MOMODESIGN into the icon of the contemporary urban wardrobe for all those who live the city.


The brand collaborates with specialized partners who produce and distribute the various categories of products. The guarantee of maintaining the identity and quality of a product managed under license is given by choosing to collaborate only with companies that have a culture of research and innovation, as well as a competent and capillary international distribution network.

The brand’s diversification involves the development of new product lines and mainly involves three areas related to the motorcycle and outdoor sector with Dainese, a global leader in the market, and other partners of excellence for the lifestyle sector for a total look – where Montjuïc watches are located – and electric urban mobility.


The MOMODESIGN Style Center, not only at the service of its own brand, has been working for years as a product consultant for companies operating in different sectors: consumer electronics, air conditioning, household appliances, professional equipment for the world of photography, medicine, lighting, sports accessories, and decoration accessories. It is the place where all co-branding projects are also developed. Thanks to the brand’s success in the early 2000s, MOMODESIGN has combined its brand with major multinational companies for prestigious co-branding collaborations such as Lancia, Yamaha, Renault, Ducati, Trussardi, and Bulgari.


Many of the products designed by the MOMODESIGN Style Center have won numerous awards. An example of such designs is the Jet AERO helmet, which in 2019 received the Red Dot Award Product Design, Best of the Best, the highest recognition in design and innovation, and in 2020, the international jury of the XXVI Compasso d’Oro ADI Award awarded it the most prestigious award for Italian design.


Innovation is the soul of the brand, rooted in its knowledge and experience, and is the engine that allows us to always be one step ahead and achieve ambitious goals. The philosophy of Momodesign is closely linked to the brand’s values and related to its unique history, always linked to concepts of sports and dynamism. Coherence is a value that the company believes in and has allowed it to create a recognizable and exclusive style, based on a dynamic and contemporary vision of the future for a continuous but coherent evolution of our image.